The RightNow Conference is for leaders who believe that the mission of the church matters.

If you have any kind of leadership role in your church, then this is the conference for you. You may lead from the stage, the classroom, the home, or on the field. You may be on staff or a volunteer. If you want to inspire a missional change in your church—then this is your conference!

We have uniquely crafted the RightNow Conference to benefit staff teams. Bring your whole staff with you to maximize the RightNow Conference experience and learn how to collectively lead your people in the power of Christ.

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Lead Your People to Be on Mission

Small Groups, Life Groups, Missional Communities, Sunday School—however your church gathers in community, the RightNow Conference will teach you how to lead groups to impact the world for Christ. Your groups can become the launching pad to carry out the mission of your church.

Lay people are invited into the spaces many pastors are never asked to go. Every day they are in classrooms, boardrooms, offices—the front lines. Your role in equipping, validating and encouraging them to live out their faith in the marketplace is crucial.

How are the families in your church unleashing the gospel at home? Equip parents to confidently teach their kids about God. When discipleship happens in the home, the results are unlimited.

Join us for the #RightNowConference!

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